Cherry and Rouge Beach

Due to COVID, there are no pool sessions running at this time



Youth & Parent/Adult Open Water Swim – Cherry Beach

45 minutes swim max 9 athletes

Youth age minimum is 10 yrs. Young swimmers should be comfortable in the water and able to tread water.

Start Date: Jun 29th – Sept 11th 2020

Monday 8:15 AM – 9:00 AM
Wednesday 8:15 AM – 9:00 AM
Friday 8:15 AM – 9:00 AM

Summer Workout Prices
Club membership $30 + HST (all athletes must purchase a club membership to participate in workouts)
1x workout per week $129+HST
2x workouts per week $189+HST
3x workouts per week $269+HST
4+ workouts per week $299+HST

Number of sessions in the summer
11 sessions in 1 workout per week
22 sessions in 2 workouts per week
33 sessions in 3 workouts per week

If you want to participate but have a reduced ability to pay due to COVID please contact Team Atomica admin


Instructions on signing up using T Train Store

  • Please choose the Team Atomica Summer Membership $30 and pay for it
  • Next, choose Team Atomica Summer Membership again and all the workout packages will come up.
  • Please select the package you would like to purchase and select the classes that you would like to join.

Coaching Staff

Kelvin Landolt and Ayesha Rollinson

Location – Cherry Beach – 1 Cherry Street Toronto
We meet just to the left of the boathouse at the waterfront.

Parking: The West side of the parking lot is a closer walk to the meeting spot.

Coned areas designating ‘change location’ for each person with a straight line walk into the water to start. The course between dock and white swim buoy.Physical distancing in effect – swimming in draft configuration, not side by side.Coach on the water with Kayak

Rouge Beach Young Swimmer’s Program

45 minutes swim max 9 athletes

Start Date: Wednesday, August 5th – September 2nd 2020

Time: 8:45 AM – 9:30 AM
Rain date or makeup date is Fridays at 8:45 AM – 9:30 AM

Location: Rouge Beach – 195 Rouge Hills Drive, Toronto

Cost: $30 Summer club fee +$ $38.99 + HST
(Summer club fee is waived if already paid in 2020)

Coaching Staff:
Coach Celeste Merey

To sign up for the Rouge Beach swim please contact Coach Celeste Merey or Team Atomica admin

Weather dependent – You will be sent an email alert at least 45 mins before workout letting you know of cancellations. All speeds and abilities welcome but this is not a learn to swim program.  If you are looking for private lessons please contact Afia

If you need a portable changing garment please check out the Canadian made GoFor Covers

Rouge Beach – Changing into wet suits is easiest in the parking lot, bring a sweatshirt or warm jacket for after the swim.

Cherry Beach – Changing into wet suits is easiest on the cement pad on the south side of the washroom hut.

Please don’t bring any valuables to the beach as we are leaving our bags at the water’s edge. Be sure to hydrate before heading out and perhaps bring along a bar as a post-swim snack.

Youth age minimum is 11 yrs. Young swimmers should be comfortable in the water and able to tread water.

Wetsuit Information:
Wetsuits are not mandatory, but the water is a bit cool, so it is advisable to have one.
Water temperatures at Cherry Beach have hovered between 13-16 degrees over the last couple of weeks. It will continue to get warmer, but there may be another week or two of sub 20 temperatures. This can be cold for some and for those who are not acclimatized.

Team Atomica coaches will ensure that the swim workouts are appropriate (length and intensity) for the level of fitness, water temperature and if the youth have wetsuits or not.
For young swimmers where it does not make sense ($$ or because they are growing or sizes don’t fit) to buy a triathlete-type wetsuit (available at places like Endurosport), here are some options:

MEC and other outdoor retailers have wetsuits that have short sleeves and short legs. These retailers also have windsurfing and general water sport suits that are good enough for the few weeks that the kids will need them.

A wetsuit or thermal top OR pants would also give the youth a little protection from the cold. In the cold water, a thermal cap or 2-3 caps will also help keep them warm.  Team Atomica will distribute extra caps before workouts.

Even a rashguard long sleeve and or an ankle-length swimsuit can help protect from the cold and the sun. Coach Ayesha prefers rashguards that are full body (closed at the groin) so that they don’t slide up when swimming.

COVID – 19 Rules – The following rules must be followed at all times

  • Participants are not allowed to loiter in the parking lot.
  • Participants are not allowed to use the same washroom.
  • No spectators except one parent or guardian for athletes under 18. Spectators count towards the total.
  • Athletes must bring their own equipment, clothing and sanitizer.
  • With the exception of people in the same household or “bubble,” everyone MUST maintain 2 meters’ physical distance.

Waiver Form
Please note we require all swimmers to fill out a waiver and membership application once per season.
If you are participating for the first time or have not filled out the documents recently then please CLICK HERE to fill out the documents online.

If you have any difficulty filling up forms online, please contact Team Atomica admin

Cancellation Policy
A full 24 hours’ notice is required for cancelling classes.
Since spots are limited we request that athletes log in their account and cancel the class that they don’t want to attend. This will give another athlete a chance to fill up the spot.
Athletes are welcome to join another class on another day to make up for the missed workout but please MAKE SURE to sign up for the class to avoid any disappointment. We have only 9 spots and they fill up fast.

Fine Print– $100 non-refundable policy applies to the program.