Ready to really improve your freestyle technique?
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Come get a quick snapshot of where your technique is at!
Seeing yourself swim can make a big difference in understanding what changes you need to make.  During this session you will be videotaped from above and underwater. Immediately after being videotaped you and a coach will view and analyze the video to identify 1-2 key areas to focus on for future improvements.
A great way to track change over time, establish a baseline of technique or to check back in if it’s been a while since you’ve seen yourself swim.


NEXT DATE:  March 4th
TIME: Noon-1:00 PM

DISCOUNT: $10 off for Spring 2023 Masters Swimmers & Personal Athletes

LOCATION: Riverdale Collegiate – 1094 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 2A1
COACH: Darian Silk

NOTE: min 5 – max 8 participants
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Team Atomica offers the most effective swim clinics Toronto has to offer. Our 6 week, in-depth swim analysis and correction clinic is coached by Darian Silk.
Each week Darian teaches new technical skills, videotape your swimming and provide feedback. This unique long-form clinical format allows you to learn and practice, but most importantly get real-time visual and verbal corrections. This session is for swimmers and triathletes of all levels who want to focus on improving their swim technique, efficiency and ultimately, speed.

“I can’t tell you how helpful this clinic has been for my stroke. I still have work to do on technique but the difference in my stroke feels like night and day. Ayesha was amazed at the changes when I went to one of her workouts last week. The stroke count drill last night was a great litmus test – for years I have been pretty much exactly 16 strokes per length. When we counted last night, even when I was going against the current I was down to 15. I expect that you have dropped my average stroke count per length by probably about 3, which makes a major difference in shoulder fatigue over longer distances. If I can just get my stroke synced up with body rotation I am hopeful that the pain I feel in my shoulder after lots of distance training will disappear altogether (and it is already greatly diminished). Thank you so much for everything!” –Maureen L (Dec 2019)


NEXT DATES: Jan 28, Feb 4, Feb 11, Feb 18, Feb 25, Mar 4
TIME: 10:55 AM-12:00 PM
PRICE: $349.99+HST
DISCOUNT: $50 off for Spring 2023 Masters Swimmers & Personal Athletes

LOCATION: Riverdale Collegiate – 1094 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 2A1
COACH: Darian Silk

NOTE: min 5 – max 12 participants
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FREESTYLE SWIM SKILLS W/ COACH KELVIN no dates currently scheduled

Breathing, sculling, kicking, and balancing are all explored within your current Freestyle Stroke. Work will be done on creating a more positive relationship between you and the water. The goal will be to find some ease, comfort, and ability to swim longer with more efficiency.

  • Outcome: A more complete picture of the various phases of the stroke and skills needed to swim Freestyle with ease, comfort and efficiency.
  • Value: To find a version of Freestyle, that works for you to participate in weekly swim training. Discovering or creating a new relationship with the water.


LOCATION: Riverdale Collegiate – 1094 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 2A1
COACH: Kelvin Landolt

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EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Swimsuit, goggles, cap, towel, water bottle, fins and paddles
SWIM LEVEL:  200m Continuous Swimming




SWIM IQ WORKSHOP no dates currently scheduled

Team Atomica continues to offer the most effective and unique swim clinics Toronto has to offer with the addition of the Swim IQ Workshop where over four weeks you will learn new skills that will enhance your power through the water. This clinic is for every swimmer who wants to improve their ability to trust and move water in more dynamic methods that will give them the power to problem solve and respond to their environment, wherever they choose to swim.

Swimmers will learn how to improve their water fluency by discovering new sculling and travelling methods that will give them a better connection to the water.  They will learn how to activate explosive & fast-twitch muscle responses, be shown how to hone their alignment in their streamline position, learn new balance drills, develop breath control in a variety of dynamic body positions, as well as learn how to get comfortable with starts, stops and moving backwards. Each 75 mins session will be divided into 15 mins of land mobility and strength and 60 mins of in-water practice.  This will help develop the mind-body connection as it relates to the awareness needed in water.


LOCATION: Riverdale Collegiate – 1094 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 2A1
COACH:  Katie Allen

REGISTER: email admin@teamatomica.com





2-HOUR VIDEO SESSION no dates currently scheduled

To make some quick improvements, to your freestyle swimming Team Atomica offers 2-hour clinic. In this video swim clinic, all athletes are filmed above and underwater, and the videos are watched to identify your 1-2 most pressing technical issues. You will are given specific recommendations on how to make improvements to your stroke’s efficiency.
(No dates currently scheduled)




    `with Coach and custom bike equipment designer Nic Van Beurden

    Join the joint and joist lovers, inventor/coach Nic Van Beurden and engineer/coach Ayesha Rollinson, for this unique no-water-necessary seminar.

If you are a new or beginning swimmer, an experienced swimmer who has never been able to “feel the water” or someone who took up the sport as an adult and are not a kinesthetic learner, this online seminar will reshape your swim stroke without you having to worry about breathing or staying afloat. You will learn and feel how your joints and muscles should move without worrying about breathing and staying afloat…this is an extremely effective way of transforming your swim stroke.

This seminar will include dryland movement training focused on learning & reinforcing proper motor patterning of an efficient swim stroke.  We will also introduce swim specific strength training with form correction.  This is classroom style learning delivered through an online portal.

What you will learn:
– body balance,
-head position &breathing,
– recovery,
– rotation,
– kick & kick timing within stroke cycle
– catch,
– propulsion & glide

Coach Nic has a degree in  kinesiology from the University of Toronto and is obsessed with biomechanics, is an ex professional triathlete, designs bikes and mechanical things that go fast.  She is a certified triathlon coach with over 10 years of experience.

Days and Time:

Sessions are – 5 x 1 hours

Please email admin@teamatomica.com to be added to our waiting list. A new session will be planned when we have enough interest.


Location: Online( a link will be sent out before the first class)
Coach: Nicole van Beurden and Ayesha Rollinson

TO REGISTER: email admin@teamatomica.com