7-17 yrs – SPRING 2023 Registration Open

Toronto’s only triathlon club for youth has expanded!  New this year: SWIM training for 7-10 year olds and non-competitive skill development RUN and BIKE sessions. Please note the start and end dates vary by session and discipline, details below.  

Please send an email to with the time(s) and date(s) of the sessions for which you are registering.



Team Atomica Dynamo swimming is quality, small group swim training with expert coaches for future triathletes, high school swim team swimmers, swimmers who don’t want to compete at meets and swimmers who want to balance their schedule with other sports. Water sport enthusiasts (windsurfing, kayaking, boating, beaching) and any kid who loves to swim will also find their people in this program. Our nationally accredited coaches provide personal attention and technical feedback to each athlete regardless of their speed. Coaches are focused on developing each individual instead of identifying and developing talent for club performance.  Participants are not required to attend meets and caregivers are not asked to volunteer. 

STRONG JUNIOR SWIMMERS 14yrs+ are welcome to register for our Master’s swims.  NOTE: adult pricing will apply and swimmer’s level must be pre-approved by a coach.  Email if you are interested in this option.  Masters Sessions can be found at

AGES 7 – 10 YRS minimum Level 3 LifeSaving Society required

Fun, technique and individual attention are emphasized in this TA Dynamo session.  Coaches will focus on individual attention and motivating swimmers as they learn how to train.  This program goes above regular swim lessons but without the time commitment of a club swim team. This is a great fit for anyone thinking about trying out for one of the city’s competitive swim clubs in the future. Friendly intra-club meet on Dec 10th included in swim fees.  Min 8 max 15 participants

Did you know that some of the benefits to swim training in the morning include setting your daily circadian rhythm and prepping your brain for learning by challenging your vestibular system?

Expertly coached co-swim (adult can swim at the same time but with their own coach) is available. See Masters Swimming page for details.

Rosedale           7:15-8:00 AM

Rosedale            7:15-8:00 AM        


AGES 11 – 17 YRS

This program is for 11-17 year olds who can swim and are looking to improve technique, speed and aerobic fitness through interval based training. Participants should know the basics of the freestyle stroke and be able to swim 25m comfortably.  Friendly intra-club meet on Dec 10th included in swim fees.  Min 8 max 24 participants

Did you know that some of the benefits of swim training in the evening include being able to finish homework before training and to be able to retain more of the muscle memory by sleeping soon after the training session?

Uncoached co-swim (adult caregiver can swim in a designated lane for free) is available by registering with

Riverdale         8:00-9:00 PM         

Riverdale         8:00-9:00 PM



AGES 7 – 17 YRS minimum Level 3 LifeSaving Society required

Both of the above Dynamos programs offered simultaneously.

Riverdale         12:00-1:00 PM


AGES 12 – 17 YRS

This program is for all levels and abilities, and is designed to compliment participants’ other sports or Team Atomica swim programs. The emphasis will be on good running technique, agility, coordination and aerobic fitness development. This is a non competitive group and runners are not required to compete.  Coaches are focused on developing each individual instead of identifying and developing talent for club performance. Our experienced coaches know that weight bearing, agility and aerobic conditioning are important for teenagers, but race outcomes at this age are not a predictor of future success and speed.  Advanced runners will benefit from structured intervals without feeling like they are ‘getting behind’ because they aren’t running 7 days a week like their run club team mates. Coaches will make use of the track, hills, stairs, running path and trails around Riverdale Park

A major focus for this group is teaching participants proper warmup techniques including activation, mobility and drills.  These workouts will be fun, varied, challenging and won’t be a year long commitment.


Riverdale Park Track


AGES 12-17 YRS

Participants will learn to corner, draft, and climb hills…all on protected bike paths and trails. Plus, our nationally accredited coaches will teach road and bike safety in all conditions as well as basic bike maintenance like changing a tire. Once the cyclists have honed their cycling skills and the weather turns, sessions will be moved inside to T-Train Cycling Studio where the focus will be on properly warming up, pedal stroke, body position and aerobic fitness development.


Corktown Commons/
Bayview Extenison       




Are you looking for a time and place to swim alongside your child/children?
The following Dynamos sessions have lane capacity for adults to swim in a separate lane during the youth swim.


Rosedale          7:00-8:00 AM          Jan 30 – June 12              $518.67 (459+HST)
Coach Kelvin           NO SWIM Dates: Feb 20, Mar 13, Apr 10, May 22

Riverdale          8:00-9:00 PM          Jan 30 – June 12              Free      6 SPOTS
                          Uncoached  NO SWIM Dates: Feb 20, Mar 13, Apr 10, May 22


Rosedale          7:00-8:00 AM          Feb 1 – June 14              $575.17 (509+HST)
Coach Kelvin           NO SWIM Date:  Mar 15

Riverdale          8:00-9:00 PM          Feb 1 – June 14               Free      6 SPOTS
                          Uncoached  NO SWIM Date:  Mar 15  


Team Atomica General Policies & Procedures
  • Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy
  • General Conduct Policy
  • Use of Likeness for Promotional Purposes

The above Policies have been updated as of January 11, 2023. Details can be found at:

2023 Masters Swimming Terms & Conditions
  • NO REFUNDS after a session starts.  In the case of a needed cancellation, CREDIT only minus applicable ADMIN FEE will be applied to your account
  • ADMIN FEE $25+HST applies to any Session Registration changes (ie. switching days, time, pool, cancellations, Injury Credit requests etc.)
  • MAKE-UP SWIMS can be made at any other age-appropriate Team Atomica swim workout* within 7 days before or after a missed swim (including for COVID-related reasons
  • FORMS Waiver and Athlete Profile must be submitted annually and is valid April 1st-March 30th. Your registration is not complete with out them and if you swim in the Spring session, you will be required to complete an updated set by April 1st, 2023
  • FULL SESSION CANCELLATION if Team Atomica needs to cancel a session for any reason, a full refund for any remaining swims will be given
  • WEATHER & OTHER CANCELLATIONS OUT OF TEAM ATOMICA’S CONTROL (ie Labour Strikes, pool staff not showing up etc.) In the case of the first such cancellation within a Session, you will be provided with a 7-Day Make-up swim only at another Team Atomica available session.  In the case of further cancellations out of Team Atomica‘s control, Team Atomica reserves the right to provide a CREDIT only or Session extension as compensation.  In the case of an extended pool closure of 3+ weeks, REFUNDS will be Issued.
  • COACHES are subject to change