Stair or Hill Run – Baldwin Steps (Casa Loma Steps)
45 minutes max 9 athletes

Start Date: Jul 1st – Sept 3rd 2020

Time: Wednesday 6:30-7:15 AM

Summer Workout Prices
Club membership $30 + HST (all athletes must purchase a club membership to participate in workouts)
1x workout per week $129+HST
2x workouts per week $189+HST
3x workouts per week $269+HST
4+ workouts per week $299+HST

Number of sessions in the summer
11 sessions in 1 workout per week
22 sessions in 2 workouts per week
33 sessions in 3 workouts per week

If you want to participate but have a reduced ability to pay due to COVID please contact Team Atomica admin


Instructions on signing up using T Train Store

  • Please choose the Team Atomica Summer Membership $30 and pay for it
  • Next, choose Team Atomica Summer Membership again and all the workout packages will come up.
  • Please select the package you would like to purchase and select the classes that you would like to join.

Coaching Staff
Tara Noton

Location: 486 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8 (Spadina and Davenport)
Physical distancing maintained by time trial /staggered start by fastest to slowest.

Looped format where athletes won’t be crossing paths.
All ability levels welcome!

COVID – 19 Rules – The following rules must be followed at all times

  • Participants are not allowed to loiter in the parking lot.
  • Participants are not allowed to use the same washroom.
  • No spectators except one parent or guardian for athletes under 18. Spectators count towards the total.
  • Athletes must bring their own equipment, clothing and sanitizer.
  • With the exception of people in the same household or “bubble,” everyone MUST maintain 2 meters’ physical distance.

Waiver Form
Please note we require all swimmers to fill out a waiver and membership application once per season.
If you are participating for the first time or have not filled out the documents recently then please CLICK HERE to fill out the documents online.

If you have any difficulty filling up forms online, please contact Team Atomica admin

Cancellation Policy
A full 24 hours’ notice is required for cancelling classes.
Since spots are limited we request that athletes log in their account and cancel the class that they don’t want to attend. This will give another athlete a chance to fill up the spot.
Athletes are welcome to join another class on another day to make up for the missed workout but please MAKE SURE to sign up for the class to avoid any disappointment. We have only 9 spots and they fill up fast.

Fine Print – $100 non-refundable policy applies to the program.