Coach Kelvin started swimming in Vernon B.C. at the age of eight; sent to the pool by his doctor to help with a weakness in his lungs. Once he hit the pool and found his flow, life changed dramatically, culminating in placements as a Canadian sub-Olympic swimmer – 100 & 200 Fly, 200 & 400 IM – at age 18.

On returning to the pool, at age 30, he took a year to explore exactly what made him fast and elegant in the water. On discovering these pieces of technique, he decided, through Oannes Swims – – that he could impart and share these skills with those learning to swim and with those who want to improve technique in butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle/front crawl.

After years of enjoying competitive swimming exclusively in the confines of pools, Swimmer K found that his joy of swimming could also be expressed in Open Water. Since this revelation, he’s made efforts to swim in rivers, lakes, oceans and more with extreme joy.

Through Team Atomica & Oannes Swims, Coach K has been introducing new and experienced pool swimmers to Open Water. He developed a program of Open Water Swim Skills, which, once imparted, allows clients to swim with awareness, appreciation, confidence and joy, in most any body of water.

Coach K has been helping new and experienced swimmers on their path to swimming streamline, efficiently, with ease and joy, in the pool and in Open Water.