Katie is a passionate coach with 12 years of experience. Katie’s background as a high performance, national-level competitive synchronized swimmer gives her special insight into recognizing potential and how to foster improvement.  Katie has a knack for helping athletes improve their skills and feel confident in their training.

In addition to training triathletes, distance swimming and coaching Masters swimming with Team Atomica, Katie is an NCCP Synchronized Swimming Coach, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance Dance, is an NCCP Triathlon Community Coach-in-Training, and holds multiple Yoga Instructor certifications.

Katie developed Team Atomica’s unique Power and Mobility program and runs the virtual Mobility program

Katie continues to be a dedicated athlete outside of her teaching and coaching career. She is a lifelong learner and is inspired to implement the latest methods to improve technique, power and endurance on her coaching pathway.


Safia F (Dec 2023)
“Coach Katie is incredible. She coached me through two sprint triathlons (including my first triathlon EVER) this summer. She helped me understand the different sections of the race and focus on my weaknesses, specifically the bike and run portions. She made sure to explain things so that I could easily understand and she celebrated each of my milestones (such as learning to clip in). She made me comfortable at open water practice, helped me get over my fear of algae and pushed me to be a stronger swimmer. She also showed up on race day and made sure I was calm and mentally ready to complete what I had been training for for the past few months. She supported me and was always there to guide me – whether that was kayaking/running/biking alongside me or cheering for me from the sidelines. It has been an amazing experience working with Coach Katie and I’m so happy to have met her this year.”

Konstantin Gariaev (Feb 2024)
“Katie is fenomenal, her knowledge, attention to details is exceptional. Her ability to pivot and adjust the training on the fly based on what I am doing right/wrong, real time very precise and targeted feedback, follow up email summaries are so helpful! 

I want to give you an example of how helpful she is, so it is not just nice words.

I am decent at freediving. I am 4th in Canada and 24th in North America in depth discipline where you use the breaststroke technique to swim up and down (down and up, actually) . When I train in a pool, my time for 25m was about 41 sec at 3.5 cycles. After only two (!!!) lessons, I cut the time down to 30 secs, the same 3.5 cycles which was my target that I was not able to achieve for a very long time. In this sport, it is huge. Basically, it allows me to be really competitive at pool events, if I can keep it consistent. At depth, it will give me at least additional 10 meters (it is a lot, trust me.)”