Celeste Merey is an NCCP Triathlon Coach for Adult Recreational Athletes. As a life-long cycling and triathlon enthusiast and competitor, she enjoys coaching all aspects of these sports, from helping a newbie learn to ride clipless to providing training plans for an Ironman athlete.

Inspired by watching televised coverage of early Ironman and Tour De France races in the 80s and 90s, Celeste, an avid swimmer and a cyclist, began competing in Triathlon events while in University, completing Sprint distance to Ironman distance races.

From there she turned to the sport of road cycling, competing in O Cup races, as well as various stage races throughout North America. Celeste also spent time competing in Track cycling, training and racing at the Lehigh Valley Velodrome near Philadelphia PA.


Celeste has always enjoyed the community spirit and comradery of the sport. She is a past instructor for Wenches with Wrenches, a bike mechanics course taught by women, for women. She trained with and competed for local teams including Cavern Cycles, Team R.A.C.E, and Duke’s Cycling.

Celeste looks forward to applying her knowledge and skills in cycling and triathlon, and enabling others to feel their best and achieve their goals.