A Bike Fit makes an amazing and unique gift for the cyclist in your life!


Are you missing out on free power?

What is a Bike Fit?

Team Atomica coach and SOR Cycles co-founder, Nic van Beurden, uses her extensive mechanical design skill, wind tunnel experience and Kinesiology degree from the University of Toronto to optimize the bike you have…without you having to worry about a bike store sales pitch! Her passion- and only vested interest is getting you aero with the body and bike parts you have. 

Nic has worked closely with top cyclist and multi-sport pros, such as Team Atomica coached pro-triathlete Tamara Jewett, to dial in positions for top performance.  With her signature Bike Fit package, Nic will use her expertise to analyze your position, and take apart and reassemble as much of your bike as needed to get you into your most functional and powerful position.



  • $249+HST for most simple / integrated bikes 
  • $65+HST Surcharge and added time may be required for Super Bikes (ie  Trek Speed Concept SLR9) or for bikes where all cabling is routed inside the frame. Contact us for a quote.
  • $65 +HST for 30 min follow up fit and adjustments within 2 months



Mount Pleasant and Saint Clair area, exact location will be provided once booked.


Limited Time Slots Available

  • Dec 28 
    3 -5 pm Filled
    5-7 pm  Filled
    7-9 pm  Filled
  • Jan 21 
    follow up* or full fits available
    10 am – 12 pm  Filled

    12 pm – 2 pm  Filled
    2 – 4 pm  Filled

    4 – 6 pm
    6 – 8 pm Filled
  • March 3
    follow up* or full fits available
    10 am – 12 pm

    12 pm – 2 pm
    2 – 4 pm

    4 – 6 pm
    6 – 8 pm
    *slots can be re-worked to fit in 30 min follow-ups


Please email admin@teamatomica.com to reserve.