Official Team Atomica Apparel

Our Store will reopen in November and March


The Atomica kit looks and feels fantastic, just ask the athletes: ”One last note I want to pass on: yesterday at Guelph I got two shout-out compliments on my Team Atomica race kit! I also enjoyed racing in it. I found the shorts more comfortable than the TeamCanada shorts which are very tight around my gut.” Jessica Campbell, 2015

We have a complete lineup of triathlon apparel, including cycling kits, tri tops, tri shorts. Our store will re-open in November and March.

The delivery will be in one group shipment to team headquarters, and the clothing will be distributed at Team Atomica workouts. Once the store is open you can view all the Team Atomica clothing and order directly through our vendor, Champion Systems, by going to the link below, creating an account and following the instructions. Any questions about the products or orders should be directed to the Champion Systems contact on their website.

Please remember that you must complete “check out” to finalise your order. Orders with “Order Saved” status will not be produced. Members may log in at any time to resume and complete their Saved Order. Mike can field some questions as he is the Team Atomica point person for Champion Systems.



Cycling Jersey & Bib

Triathlon Top & Shorts

Please note that there are a few models for each garment.We have had great feedback on many of the models but if in doubt, we recommend the CS Tech cycling jersey and the Apex Link tri top and bottoms.

Keep in mind that the white models require more careful care to maintain color, but would be cooler in full sun than the black.

Once the store opens CLICK THE LINK TO PLACE THE ORDER teamstore/?Atomica2018

If you are having trouble opening the link please copy and paste the above link in your browser or contact Team Atomica admin

For further information, please contact Coach Ayesha Rollinson or Coach Darian Silk