Starts, April 8th

FREE Mobility Mondays

Exclusively for Team Atomica’s current Masters Swimmers and Annual Membership holders 
5:30 – 6:15 pm, via Google Meet
No class on Monday, May 20th


Join Team Atomica’s expert mobility coach, Katie Allen, weekly, mobility sessions on Mondays. Log into these virtual classes where you will be led through a combination of Yoga postures and Pilates-based exercises. These sessions address muscle tightness that impedes on finding your optimal range of motion to power your sport. By attending a mobility session, you can look forward to improving your ability to maintain your technique over longer periods of time, strengthening your postural muscles in addition to developing a stronger foundation in functional strength. Help speed up your recovery time between workouts and stay committed to your game!

Who can benefit from these classes:

  • Athletes who are increasing their training volume over the next few months 
  • Older athletes with limited range of motion in their hips, ankles, shoulders and neck
  • Athletes that consistently have soreness post-workout or find themselves limiting their workouts from working with pre-existing injuries 
  • Athletes who are not very flexible and want to improve their range of motion

These classes will help you:

  • combat chronic muscle soreness, fatigue, and poor posture due to tight muscles
  • reduce the time of post-workout recovery
  • improve your efficiency in the water by increasing your range of motion, which in turn can:
    >increase your speed and power
    >allow you to increase your training volume; and
    >help you overcome plateaus in your training to access more speed and power

What you will be guided through:

  • Pilates strengthening exercises for core and postural alignment
  • Resistance with Thera Bands to train the smaller intrinsic muscles that help support proper posture and joint mobility
  • Yoga postures + Breathing exercises to develop more awareness of your body
  • Downregulation techniques for stress management
  • Activation and release techniques
  • Passive release techniques with a foam roller and/or lacrosse ball 

Specific Physiological Targets:

  • Shoulder Range of Motion and stability
  • Glute activation & release
  • Abductor Range of motion & release
  • Psoas Release
  • Hip mobility & strength
  • Downregulation techniques using breathwork and mindfulness tools
  • Hamstrings release techniques & repatterning for optimal function
  • Feet and ankle stabilization & mobility techniques
Space and Equipment needs:
  • Yoga mat or towel
  • Tennis or lacrosse ball
  • Foam roller
  • Thera Bands of varying resistance (light & medium resistance)
  • Yoga blocks/stack of books (recommended)
  • Pillow or yoga bolster (recommended)
  • Enough space to lay flat on the floor with your arms stretched out overhead
  • Internet connection and working camera (Cameras are mandatory, and we require them on and set up at an appropriate angle, so that Coach Katie can see your whole body. This helps ensure you are following instructions safely, and that you can receive appropriate support.)  Classes are NOT recorded.


How to Sign-up:
Please email no later than 1 PM of the Monday you wish to participate in to request your Google Meet link