Team Atomica is launching the first and only youth triathlon club in Toronto.  With a focus of building out age group co-horts one at time, we are going to start with those 12-15 yrs old in 2023-2024 (see below for possible exceptions.)


Program Focus

Our team of nationally certified coaches will be focused on developing each individual athlete across all three disciplines of Triathlon (swim-bike-run) using Triathlon Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Plan.

Program Goal

Our goal is to provide committed youth athletes access to training and sports education from our team of expert coaches with the goal of attending youth triathlon races, together, as a team with a coach on-site.  Races we are targeting for next year include:

Meet our Coaching Team

We take pride in the quality, experience and expertise of our coaches!

Lucien Peron
Lead Coach and Director for the Chargers Triathlon Program
  • Former competitive swimmer and former national club champion
  • National Coaching Certification: Swimming, Triathlon, Cross Country Skiing and Cycling (see  full list of NCCP  awards)
  • Coaching for over 10 years
  • B.Sc Information Systems Engineering
Nicole Van Beurden
Triathlon Coach, Chargers Triathlon Program
  • National Coaching Certification Program: Triathlon, Swimming
  • Former Varsity Basketball, Varsity Track & Cross Country & Professional Triathlete
  • Coaching for over 15 years
  • University of Toronto Bachelor of Kinesiology
Katie Allen
Swim and Mobility Coach, Chargers Triathlon Program
  • Former National level Synchronized Swimmer
  • National Coaching Certification: Sychronized swimming, Triathlon
  • Certified Yoga instructor
  • Toronto Metropolitan University Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance Dance
  • Coaching for over 8 years
Ayesha Rollinson
Coach and Advisor for the Chargers Triathlon Program
  • Former Varsity Swimmer and Cross Country Runner
  • Former National Triathlon Team member, Professional Triathlete
  • Raced on all the major Triathlon World Circuits 2003-2013
  • National Coaching Certifications: Swimming, Triathlon
  • University of Toronto BASc Industrial Engineering
  • Founder and Director of Team Atomica


AGES 12 – 15 YRS

NOTE: Athletes who are 11 yrs, or over 15 yrs, and are interested in joining the program, are asked to contact  Exceptions to the specified age may be granted if skill, experience, mental and physical development requirements are demonstrated.

  • Expert and industry leading coaching by Nationally Certified Coaches
  • 4-6 workouts per week (2-4 swims, 1 run and 1 bike) for 18 weeks
  • a variety of special events
  • Intense focus on skill development and movement pattern mastery
  • Positive feedback and confidence building
  • Individual attention
  • Access to a yearly training plan delivered via Training Peaks and will include access to dryland training programs
  • A coach-led, fun swim meet on Dec 2nd
  • Team building lazer tag at Ezone date TBD in Nov ($25+HST fee)


Swim Options

NOTE:  to join the Chargers, athletes must be able to swim 200m continuously and be comfortable with 2 of the 4 strokes
PROGRAM REQUIREMENT:  Choose and commit to at least 2 of the following weekly swims (scroll down for more details on swim sessions)

  • Tuesday Swimming at Rosedale Collegiate 7:00-8:00 AM w/ Coach Katie
  • Thursday Swimming at Rosedale Collegiate 7:00-8:00 AM w/ Coach Katie
  • Saturday Swimming at Riverdale Collegiate 12:00-1:00 PM w/ Coach Nic & Coach Katie
  • Sunday Pam McConnell Community Centre 6:00-7:00 PM w/ Coach Nic & Coach Lucien


Bike & Run Program for Fall
  • Saturday Biking (STARTS Nov 11) 9:30-10:30 AM Virtual Bike training w/ Coach Lucien
  • Sunday Run Skills & Training (STARTS Sept 17, weather permitting, ENDS Dec 10), Riverdale Park area 5:00-5:45 PM  w/ Coach Lucien
    * starts/finishes at Pam McConnell right before Sunday evening swim option


Monthly Events for this Session
TBA: Nutrition (before, during and after exercise)
TBA: Setting up your indoor cycling virtual environment
9:00-10:00 AM
Location TBD


TBA – Fun Swim meet/time trials
10:00-1:00 PM
TBA – Importance of recovery (nutrition, flexibility/mobility, yoga, sleep)
11:00-12:00 PM


Of Note
Athletes must commit to attend 75% of workouts
There are 4 weekly swim options, each athlete is required to pick at least 2 swims
  • Adult Co-swim option available at Tuesday & Thursday morning swims:  Expertly coached Masters Swimming program available concurrently on Tuesdays & Thursdays at Rosedale for adults.  Details on our Fall Masters Swimming Page.
  • Athletes registered in the fall of 2023 will have preferential access for all the exciting workouts and events in 2024.
  • Families will not be turned away.  If a child is committed to this program but your family needs help accessing this program, please contact to apply for funding.


Program Cost
$1,015,87 ($899+HST)
Sept 2023-end of Jan 2024


Extra Details on Swim Sessions

Rosedale           7:00-8:00 AM     Sept 12 – Jan 23
Coach Katie           NO SWIMS: Dec 26, Jan 2

  • Adult Co-swim option with above:  Expertly coached Masters Swimming program available concurrently on Tuesdays & Thursdays at Rosedale for adults.  Details on our Fall Masters Swimming Page.

Riverdale        Noon – 1 PM      Sept 16 – Jan 27
Coach Nic & Katie      NO SWIMS: Oct 8, Dec 2, Dec 23, Dec 30

Pam McConnell          6:00 – 7:00 PM      Oct 15 – Jan 28
Coach Nic & Lucien        NO SWIMS: Dec 27, Jan 3



2023-24 Youth Triathlon Program Terms & Conditions
  • NO REFUNDS after Program starts.  In the case of a needed cancellation, CREDIT only minus applicable ADMIN FEE for the balance of the Program will be applied to your account
  • ADMIN FEE $25+HST applies to any Program transfers, cancellations or credit requests (ie Injury)
  • MAKE-UP SWIMS missed swims can be made at any other age-appropriate Team Atomica swim workout* within 7 days before or after a missed swim (including for COVID-related reasons.)  Bike and Run workouts are not able to be made up at this time.
  • INJURY in the case of an injury that keeps you out of the Program for more than 2 consecutive weeks, we will apply a credit (minus ADMIN FEE) to your account for the balance of the Program at the rate of $45+HST per week remaining.
  • FORMS Waiver and Youth Athlete Profile must be submitted annually and is valid April 1st-March 30th. Your registration is not complete with out them and if you participate the Spring Program, you will be required to complete an updated set by April 1st, 2024
  • PROGRAM CANCELLATION if Team Atomica needs to cancel the Program for any reason, a pro-rated Refund for the balance of the Program will be given
  • WEATHER & OTHER CANCELLATIONS OUT OF TEAM ATOMICA’S CONTROL (ie Labour Strikes, pool staff not showing up etc.) For swims, in the case of the first such cancellation of one of your chosen swims, you will be provided with a 7-Day Make-up swim at another age-appropriate Team Atomica available session.  In the case of further cancellations out of Team Atomica‘s control at the same chosen swim, you will be offered a 7-Day Make-up swim at another age-appropriate Team Atomica available session; OR an account Credit of $20+HST. In the case of an extended cancellation of 3+ weeks at the same swim (ie pool closure), REFUNDS for the balance of the cancelled swims (at the rate of $20+HST each) will be offered.  Due to differing circumstances around Bike and Run workouts, no Credits or Make-ups are available for cancelled workouts.
  • COACHES are subject to change
Team Atomica General Policies & Procedures
  • Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy
  • General Conduct Policy
  • Use of Likeness for Promotional Purposes

The above Policies have been updated as of January 11, 2023. Details can be found at: