Please contact to Register for any of the below events, clinics or seminars.  No Membership required to join in any of the below programs, but Pre-registration is required (please do this at least 48 hours in advance to give yourself time to complete forms and payment, and for us to process them!)


🌕Full Moon Open Water Swims*

Cherry Beach  

Our extremely popular, professionally coach-led Full Moon group swims are back this year.  Described by many as “thrilling”, “adrenaline-rising” or even “bonkers”; one thing is for sure is, that if you want to tick one of these adventure-filled swims off your bucket-list (and earn some bragging rights along the way) you should reserve it early! 

Each Full Moon Swim is timed so you venture into the dark cool waters of Cherry Beach just as the moon is starting to rise over the Lake Ontario horizon. As your heart starts to pump faster and your senses are heightened, you can roll onto your back and look up at an unobstructed view of the stars…and it is spectacular. Then, as the moon gets higher, a glimmering path of light will start to dance across the water towards you and you will be engulfed in the magical beauty of a Full Moon Open Water Swim.

Swims are generally between 800-1600m with the exact course determined by our expert coaches before each swim after they consider wind conditions, waves, water temperature and swimmers abilities. Safety notes and meet-up instructions are emailed out to registered swimmers before each swim and safety instructions will also be reviewed on-site before each swim.

*Note we cannot guarantee what the weather will be like and/or that you will see the moon, stars etc but we can share that all 3 of Team Atomica’s Full Moon swims last year were magnificent! Team Atomica Open Water swims will only be cancelled if there are thunderstorms (lighting, thunder or both) or torrential rain.  In the case of cancellation, you will receive an email from Team Atomica between 4-6 hours prior to the swim start. Swims may proceed at the coach’s discretion and with caution, in cold, rainy or windy conditions with the swims kept closer to shore than usual for the safety of the athletes.


🍓 Strawberry Moon Open Water Swim
Friday June 21st
      START:  9:00 PM
      MOONRISE:  9:25 PM


🦌 Buck Moon Open Water Swim
      Sunday July 21st
      START:  8:30 PM
      MOONRISE:  8:58 PM
🐬 Sturgeon Moon Open Water Swim
      Monday Aug 19th
      START:  8:00 PM
      MOONRISE: 8:34 PM
Mandatory Equipment 
  • wetsuit (may not be required for warmer swims or experienced open water swimmers)
  • bright bathing cap (neoprene recommended for warmth)
    *best if you have a water resistant bike light or other that you can put in your swim float to set it a-glow!
Recommended Equipment 
  • CLEAR goggles, the water will be black
  • Fins so you don’t have to kick a lot (security) and for foot warmth (if warranted)
Minimum Fitness Requirement:
  • able to swim 800m continuous


COST:     $25+HST each Full Moon swim
EMAIL: to Register

TERMS for Full Moon Swims

REFUNDS No Refunds given for Full Moon swims unless Team Atomica cancels the swim
CREDIT will be available up to 72 hours before scheduled swim
NO CREDIT will be available to participants less than 72 hours before their scheduled swim
COACHES are subject to change