You Know You’re a Triathlete When…

We are quirky bunch but, as far as we’re concerned, our quirks make perfect sense.  If you swim, bike, run often, then it’s likely a few of the following will resonate: 1 – No matter how many showers you take (and you take at least two a day), or how much perfume or cologne you … Continued

Cryotherapy: Is the Coolest Craze Legit?

I admit I’m a new fan of cryotherapy, but I’m not alone. It has been gaining popularity among celebrities and athletes such as LeBron James, the Lakers and even pro triathlete Sarah Piampiano. With claims that it accelerates the body’s natural recovery and so aides in performance, increases blood circulation, immunity, energy, that it helps … Continued

Three Ways to Quiet Your Inner Critic

You don’t have to have really low self-esteem to hear the inner critic. We all hear it at some point, even the most confident and accomplished people are well-acquainted with its dismissive, aggressive tone. When our defenses are down, and we’re physically and mentally tired as we are in a race, the conditions are super-primed … Continued

Le Loop

Team Atomica’s Carmen Wageman Tackles the Tour de France Le Loop cycles 21 stages of the Tour de France one week ahead of the pros. The ride, which is fully supported, requires riders to hit fundraising targets for the William Wates Memorial Trust, a charity which supports disadvantaged youth. Team Atomica athlete Carmen Wageman trained … Continued

Athlete Profile: The Dizzying Pace of Tim Gilbert

Triathletes are by definition busy people, but triathlete Tim Gilbert might be among the busiest. Founder and Managing Partner at Gilbert LLP, a firm devoted to Intellectual Property asset creation and protection, Tim is also heavily involved in community entrepreneurship and innovative design. He’s the Chair of the Advisory Board at Onsite Gallery, OCAD University’s … Continued

Changing a Tube in No Time

You’ve watched the YouTube videos. You’ve watched your friend (or coach) fix your flat. You always ride with C02 cartridges, a tube, maybe even a tire repair kit in your saddle bag. Perhaps you’ve even tried changing a tube once yourself under the supervision of said friend or coach. But, do you really know how … Continued

Iconic Gestures of Triathlon

We all know there’s much to love about triathletes, but here are four gestures in the history of the sport that epitomize the emotional, psychological, and physiological excellence that defines triathlon. The Crawl There are two famous crawling moments in triathlon, and they both exemplify the remarkable power of the female athlete. The first took … Continued

Tri Bike vs Road Bike: What’s the Difference?

As a coach, I often get asked if racing on a tri bike is an absolute must or if a road bike (even for long course) will be comparably effective. The short answer is: it depends. It depends on who is asking and why. It depends on one’s budget (not to mention bike storage capacity). … Continued

Plantar Fasciitis: What is it and how can you get rid of it?

Made of collagen, a relatively inflexible protein, the plantar fascia is the connective tissue that runs from your heel to your toes. The fascia can become inflamed resulting in heel pain. A sharp pain or deep ache can also appear along the arch of the foot. Most athletes will notice discomfort through the foot first … Continued

Tackling Your Transitions

You’ve been training up a storm all winter/ spring, but the chances are, you’ve spent significantly less time thinking about your transitions than you have about the swim, bike, and run. If so, you’re like most busy, over-committed triathletes. But, T1 and T2 are enormously profitable opportunities to gain free speed and can shave minutes … Continued