Triathletes Who Inspire Us: Leanna Lee

I’m constantly impressed by the triathletes in our community and am regularly bewildered by how much they are able to jam into their days. Long-time supporter of Team Atomica (and my most consistent training partner), Leanna Lee is one such triathlete and she inspires me daily. Having raced professionally on the ITU circuit, regularly travelling … Continued

Racing Refresher

Congrats to all the Team Atomica athletes who competed in our socially distanced training day at Rouge Valley on Sunday August 9 and to those who took part in the C3 Old School Triathlon on August 2nd! If you didn’t race but are registered to take part in our next Team Atomica training day on … Continued

Why Triathletes Should Try Paddling

If you’ve been swimming in Lake Ontario this summer you’ve no doubt shared the water with paddleboarders. I’ve certainly been greeted on early morning swims with the inspiring view of a lone paddleboarder gliding into the rising sun. It’s a pretty spectacular reminder of the many gifts of our city, but also of the alternative … Continued

In the Privacy of Plain Sight: GoFor Cover

No Change Room? No Problem. Long-time Team Atomica athlete Marni Hamilton saw a need among her training partners and quite literally, ran with it. In fact, she ran and biked and swam with it—probing, testing, teasing out the many angles of the ever-elusive privacy accompanying an athlete’s need for gear change. Finessing her product for … Continued

How Can We Make Triathlon More Inclusive?

  Team Atomica believes in equity and inclusion across all gender, racial and sexual identities and yet we know how poorly many minorities, including BIPOC communities, are represented in the sport of triathlon. We want to learn how to change that. We want to understand how to promote diversity, help dismantle systemic racism, and create … Continued

Tending to Tight Hips and a Stiff Spine

I don’t know about you, but this lengthy lockdown has been wreaking havoc on my hips and back. Unable to get hands on treatment, I reached out to physiotherapist and clinic director at Universal Integrated Health, Garfield Andrews for help understanding what’s going on and what I can do myself to offload some of that tension. … Continued

Finding the Right Groove During COVID-19

Among all the recent cancellations, it is not surprising that Ironman officially rescheduled the 2020 World Championship race in Kona to February 2021 and announced the postponement of the 70.3 World Championship event in New Zealand (for around that time as well though the precise date is still unknown). Although individual athlete responses to the … Continued

Coming Back From Covid-19: Triathlete Claire Duncan Shares Her Story

Claire Duncan is a long-course triathlete known for her swim prowess. She was the top swimmer overall at Ironman Santa Rosa in 2018. The former digital editor of Triathlon Magazine Canada, Claire runs Nom de Guerre Studio, an integrated marketing, business development, PR and creative studio working with companies across the film, entertainment, tech and sports … Continued

Helping our Children Navigate the Pandemic

Many parents are finding themselves at a loss in helping their children cope with the radically altered way of life during this pandemic. I had the chance to speak to long-time Team Atomica athlete and school and clinical psychologist, Dr. Alisa Kenny Bridgman, on this very issue. When not running, swimming, or biking, the co-founder … Continued