Cleaning Your Ride

Despite the hail we saw (if only momentarily) this week, outdoor riding is almost here! But first, we need to get our bikes ready for the road. Part of this means getting rid of the sweat, dust, and spills that may have left our frames, drivetrains and headsets in need of a good scrub. The … Continued

CN Tower in the distance

Spring Clean Your Training

While many Atomica athletes have already sprung into racing action with their impressive results at MSO Provincials, it is not uncommon for triathletes to feel a little less spring in their step this time of year despite the longer days and the (in theory) increased sunshine. There are a number of reasons for this including … Continued

Thanks by Tara Norton – Ultraman Champion 2018

It most certainly does take a village!  Since becoming Ultraman Champion (still feels crazy to write that), I have been thinking about all the people I would like to thank. [As I wrote my thanks below, I realized this has become a blog entry in itself, there are so many people to thank!  So, thanks … Continued

Coach Tara’s wonderful World Championships

There really are no perfect words to describe all that has transpired over the last week! On Sunday I crossed the finish line of the Ultraman World Championship as the World Champion. This was my first big career win, and it happened at 47 years of age as a full-time working Mom (not as a … Continued

Meet the Team: Dana Boehling

What’s your name and what do you do? My name is Dana Boehling and I work as a data scientist. I use statistics and programming to analyze data for the retail industry. How did you choose Team Atomica? I googled masters swimming clubs after I moved to Toronto and I liked that TA was both … Continued

Meet the team: Katrina Brightling

What is your name and what do you do? Katrina Brightling. Operations Director for a Corporate Event Company. Aspiring age group triathlete:) How did you get into swimming or triathlon? While never in a competitive manner, I’ve been swimming as long as I can remember. Swimming in the lake at my cottage, playing inntertube waterpolo … Continued

Triathlon Ontario’s Long Course Female Triathlete

Team Atomica is thrilled to share that after a breakout season for Tamara Jewett, the cross-country runner turned triathlete has been named Triathlon Ontario’s long course female triathlete of the year. Overcoming an injury last season, Tamara worked hard with Team Atomica coach Suzanne Zelazo and a strong team around her to get her running … Continued

How does the Coach KNOW?

How does the coach know that you need to work on your breath control and breathing mechanics? Answer:  By combining a knowledge of biology, observation skills and deduction! I felt compelled to write this piece after a question I got from a swimmer this morning. We were doing a breath control and diaphragm strengthening exercise … Continued

Triathlon Hacks

The Team Atomica coaches have seen it all. Here are their Top 5 Triathlon Hacks to save money or time…or to protect your skin in case of emergency! 1 – Pack a BIG permanent black marker in your race bag: Use it to body mark yourself and skip the line! Shhh. No one will be … Continued

sprint triathlon

10 Tips For Your First Sprint Triathlon

  Training for a triathlon is both mentally and physically challenging. However, no matter how rigorously you train and how careful you are with your preparation, there are still little things that can sneak up and surprise you during the competition. These 10 important tips will help you while you’re prepping and during your first … Continued