Should You Train While Sick?

We are smack in the middle of cold and flu season and whether you’ve had your flu shot or not, the chances are you will get sick at some point this winter. Of course, there are lots of things you can do to minimize those chances including getting enough sleep, washing your hands, staying hydrated, … Continued

Disc Brakes: Trending in Triathlon

Among the many trends in triathlon tech that have gained momentum in the last few years is the increase in disc brakes on tri and road bikes. What’s the deal and do you need them? If you come from a mountain bike background, disc brakes are nothing new—they’ve been used for years—where fast stopping power … Continued

Self Reflection: Commenting in Training Peaks

December is a great time to reflect on the previous year—to glance back at your trends in training and performance so you can evaluate what worked or didn’t, and what changes should be incorporated in the new year. Whether we are working with a coach or not, most of us have some system to record … Continued

Triathlon in the Six: Race Directing the TTF

Getting set to launch its ninth year in 2020, the Toronto Triathlon Festival continues to make massive fans and showcase everything we love about the sport. Registration has just opened for the TTF and Race Director, Jeff Chong, tells us what to expect in July. He also explains how the race came to be. There’s … Continued

Training and Heart Rate Variability

Recent years have seen an influx of devices measuring HRV (Heart Rate Variability) on the market. You may even have that feature on your smartwatch and not know it. What is HRV and how is it useful to triathletes? If you’re coached by a Team Atomica coach, recovery weeks are part of your plan, allowing … Continued

Strength Training for Triathletes: Why it’s Crucial

  Time-starved, over-booked triathletes often ignore strength training in favour of squeezing in one of the many swim, bike, or run workouts they’re trying to balance.  However, doing so is not only a big mistake for performance but, particularly for endurance athletes over 35, it’s not helping to slow the aging process. Strength-training can keep … Continued

Periodized Training

If you’re coached by a Team Atomica coach, then you’re already on a periodized training plan. If you’re not, understanding the principles of periodization can help avoid injury and burn out. Here’s what you need to know. Periodized training alters the workload (intensity and volume), focus, and frequency over training blocks throughout the year to … Continued

Team Atomica’s Celeste Merey named to Provincial Team

We are so excited announce that Team Atomica coach Celeste Merey, recently accepted the role of Assistant Provincial Development coach with Triathlon Ontario. Working under the Provincial Development Coach, Greg Kealey, Celeste will focus on programming and workouts for Ontario’s Junior Triathletes, with offerings primarily at the Toronto Pan Am Sport Centre. Celeste looks forward … Continued

You Know You’re a Triathlete When…

We are quirky bunch but, as far as we’re concerned, our quirks make perfect sense.  If you swim, bike, run often, then it’s likely a few of the following will resonate: 1 – No matter how many showers you take (and you take at least two a day), or how much perfume or cologne you … Continued

Cryotherapy: Is the Coolest Craze Legit?

I admit I’m a new fan of cryotherapy, but I’m not alone. It has been gaining popularity among celebrities and athletes such as LeBron James, the Lakers and even pro triathlete Sarah Piampiano. With claims that it accelerates the body’s natural recovery and so aides in performance, increases blood circulation, immunity, energy, that it helps … Continued