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10 Tips For Your First Sprint Triathlon

  Training for a triathlon is both mentally and physically challenging. However, no matter how rigorously you train and how careful you are with your preparation, there are still little things that can sneak up and surprise you during the competition. These 10 important tips will help you while you’re prepping and during your first … Continued

Managing Triathlon Nutrition

From athletes new to competition, to those with several triathlons under their belt, maintaining optimum levels of nutrition for grueling competitions and equally grueling workouts is critical to success and health. Choosing a strategy to manage triathlon nutrition is often less of a focus than planning for training. However, without the necessary fuel for the … Continued

Why Book a Bike Fit

  The single most effective investment you can make to enhance your overall bike performance is to get a professional bike fit. If that high-end bike you’re riding isn’t comfortable, then you aren’t optimizing the bike’s greatest features—not its aerodynamic, elongated tube shape, or slick integrated brakes and internal cable routing, not even the feather-light … Continued

Are You Metrics Obsessed?

Can training be simple and should it be? Although many of us use sport to unplug from the rest our busy, dynamic lives, we tend to stay overly “plugged in” to our metrics.  Certainly there are times to adhere to prescribed watts or paces, but when we lack an adaptive approach to training and become exclusively … Continued

Triathlon Spring Cleaning

We may have had a snowfall last week, but we’re officially into spring, and April is the perfect time to tidy up your training plan, training habits, and give your gear a scrub. Here are 5 steps to a sparkling shoulder season. 1. Tune Your Bike As you move from riding exclusively indoors on the … Continued

Make the Most of Your Training Time

Of the three disciplines triathletes train for, swimming is the most inefficient from a prep time to workout time perspective. For each swim workout, whether it be 30 minutes or 2 hours, you need to get to the venue, find parking, change, socialize, workout, shower, change, return to work, or home or elsewhere. I sometimes … Continued

Five Fast Swimming Tips

Get your freestyle stroke analyzed  – An effective way to correct technique is to have your stroke videotaped and analyzed by an experienced swim technician. You can increase the effectiveness of one of these sessions by repeating the process with the same, trusted, technician. You will only know whether you have integrated the changes from the analysis if you are … Continued

Swim Like the Pros Do

Chess is to checkers what the triathlon swim is to racing in a pool. While they’re both fun, chess requires knowing more game pieces and experimenting with a few more moves. The variable nature of open water ensures that there is not a silver bullet workout when it comes to developing speed. Athletes who are … Continued

Swim training: master your breathing

Breathing technique is the key to swimming fast, swimming relaxed and your buoyancy. It is the single most important technical skill that swimmers must master, and it is the skill that is most often misunderstood, poorly taught and ignored. Below, I explain how to breathe and improve your breath-holding capabilities. Here are the steps to … Continued