Anti-Harassment & Discrimination Policy

Team Atomica under the Ontario Human Rights Code, believes in tolerance, diversity and that every person has a right to equal treatment in the provision of services and facilities.

Team Atomica has a commitment towards condemning any kind of harassment and providing environment free of discrimination so that everyone can be treated equally and with dignity. For this reason, Team Atomica has ZERO TOLERANCE for any kind of harassment and discrimination. Any actions of hatred and discrimination based on the following grounds will not be tolerated.

•    Age
•    Creed (religion)
•    Sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding)
•    Sexual orientation
•    Gender identity
•    Gender expression
•    Race
•    Ancestry
•    Place of origin
•    Ethnic origin
•    Citizenship
•    Colour
•    Family status (such as being in a parent-child relationship)
•    Marital status (including married, single, widowed, divorced, separated or living in a conjugal relationship outside of marriage, whether in a same-sex or opposite-sex relationship)
•    Disability (including mental, physical, developmental or learning disabilities)
•    Record of offences (criminal conviction for a provincial offence, or for an offence for which a pardon has been received)
•    Political affiliation*
•    Level of literacy*
•    Association or relationship with a person identified by one of the above grounds
•    Perception that one of the above grounds applies.

* These grounds are included in the City of Toronto’s policy, but are not explicitly covered by the Ontario Human Rights Code.

This policy is applied to all the Team Atomica participants including athletes, members, coaches, trainers, coworkers, administration, temporary, casual and contract staff, suppliers as well as volunteers. This policy applies to all programs and events that are held within the club and at different locations, camps, trips or organization parties.

Any person who experiences such harassment or discrimination based on the grounds mentioned in the policy statement can file a complaint to the owner of the organization (Ayesha Rollinson) so that appropriate measures can be taken.
Team Atomica takes such complaints very seriously and acts promptly to ensure this anti-harassment and discrimination policy is implemented thoroughly by investigating and documenting any and all incidents and providing a step by step solution or internal process leading to appropriate action.
Anyone and all of the above participants must uphold and abide this policy at all times and cooperate fully in any investigation of harassment or discrimination complaint.

Failure to comply with the above policy statement may result in possible removal from the club programs, camps and events or the club itself permanently without reimbursement of fees and payments.