Masters Swim & Swim Clinic

What is the minimum swimming requirement to join the club?

“As a minimum, you should be able to swim 400m continuously in under 12 minutes.We do accept beginners and ‘slow’ swimmers, however, this is not a learn to swim program or aqua phobia program”.

What is the minimum age for joining the group, are teenagers allowed to join?

“There is no minimum age to join. The club has had  teenagers as team members since the club started in 2009. There are a few athletes that are under 20 and our coaches love to work with respectful teenagers who want to join the club programs.

We have recently started a youth program for 9-14 year olds who want to do swim workouts without committing to 5-11X per week in regular swim club programs.  This program is perfect for youth looking for fitness and friendship or looking to develop skills for triathlon and high school swim competitions”.

How do I register for Masters swim?

Once Registration for a particular session opens, registration is requested by emailing 

What is the maximum number of swimmers per program per location?

This number is dependent on the size and number of lanes in a given pool.  4-5 swimmers per lane is our max in most 25 m/y pools; 6-8 swimmers per 50m lane; and 2-3 per lane at MTU

How long are the swim workouts and what is the distance covered?

Most workouts are between 1 to 1.5 hours long.  and the distance covered usually ranges from 2000m-4300m depending on your ability, time of year and length of practice.  

Would the price be pro – rated if I start later in the session?

Yes, if you join a session after the start date, your price will be adjusted based on your start date.

Can registered swimmers make up for any missed pool swims?

We offer a 7-Day Make-up Policy for any swims you need to miss due to work, travel or sickness. This means in the case of planned travel you can potentially make-up your swim before you leave as long as it is within 7 days of your missed swim. Please check your session’s Welcome Email for more information.

Can I participate as a drop-in in a swim program?

Swimmers can complete a trial swim or participate as an occasional swimmer at our Pay-as-you-go pricing cost varies by pool and can be found at the bottom of the current Masters Swimming session website page.)  Note, current Registration Forms need to be on file and all swims need to be booked in advance (during business hours) with  

How many participants are there in the Swim clinic?

Ranges based on the type of clinic.  Most video clinics will have between 6 – 10 swimmers with one coach.

Video Clinic/Session comparisons:  

The main difference in our Video Sessions and 6 Week Video Clinic is that in the Video Sessions, the coach will observe you swim and then give you some tips on what to work on for improvement (each swimmer in these sessions may get different advice); in the 6 Week Video Clinic, the coach takes all swimmers through the same series of lessons and drills with the goal of improving all aspects of their freestyle stroke.  Each of the six weeks focuses on a different part of the stroke, all swimmers have the same lesson and are assigned homework to work on inbetween lessons often resulting in more dramatic improvements overall.  For video clinics no swim gear/equipment (pull buoy, snorkel, fins etc.) is required”.

You should be able to swim at least one length of the pool (multiple times) to attend either clinic…they are not “learn-to-swim” clinics but an opportunity to improve upon your existing freestyle stroke.  Both beginner and more advanced swimmers have given these clinics excellent reviews!

Are basic swimming gear /equipment provided at the swim programs?

Most of the pools provide swimming equipment like pull buoys and kickboards.Other equipment we use, in addition to basic swim gear (suit, cap, goggles and water bottle) include pull buoys, fins, paddles and a swim band. If you do not have this equipment to start with, that is okay. Talk to the coach on deck and they will let you know what you need and what is appropriate for you. If there is something else you like or need to use, please bring your own

Do I need to fill out any application or other documents before signing for the club programs?

All youth and adult participants in any Team Atomica program are required to complete an Annual Waiver every year and to submit an Athlete Profile upon registration. It is also the participant’s (or their guardian’s) responsibility to update Team Atomica (via with any changes to their profile information (ie. changes in emergency contacts or relevant medical information.)

What are the payment method options available for signing up for a program?

Payments are made via e-transfer and instructions for payment are included with every Invoice.

What is the refund policy for the swim programs?

  • ADMIN FEE $25+HST applies to any Session Registration changes (ie. switching days, time, pool, cancellations, Injury Credit requests etc.)
  • NO REFUNDS after a session starts.  In the case of a needed cancellation, CREDIT only minus applicable ADMIN FEE will be applied to your account
  • INJURY/PREGNANCY in the case of an injury/pregnancy that keeps you out of the pool for more than 1 consecutive week, we will apply a credit (minus ADMIN FEE per Session) to your account for half of the missed swims and still hold your session spot for you provided you let us know at the time your injury has prevented you from swimming.  If you do not want your session spot(s) held for you, we will apply a full credit (minus ADMIN FEE per Session) to your account for any missed swims as of the day you request this option.
  • FULL SESSION CANCELLATION if Team Atomica needs to cancel a session for any reason, a full refund for any remaining swims will be given
  • WEATHER & OTHER CANCELLATIONS OUT OF TEAM ATOMICA’S CONTROL (ie Labour Strikes, pool staff not showing up etc.) In the case of the first such cancellation within a Session, you will be provided with a 7-Day Make-up swim only at another Team Atomica available session.  In the case of further cancellations out of Team Atomica‘s control, Team Atomica reserves the right to provide a CREDIT only or Session extension as compensation.  In the case of an extended pool closure of 3+ consecutive weeks, REFUNDS will be Issued.

Indoor Cycling

What are the requirements to join the indoor cycling sessions?

“There are no particular requirements to register for the indoor cycling. Please contact Team Atomica admin and they will set up your account”.

How do I register for an indoor cycling class?

“Once your account is set up online you can register/cancel/pay for the cycling class by clicking HERE. You can set up and update your account details and make the payment online through the secure online registration system”.

Do I need to bring my bike with me for the indoor cycling sessions?

“Our indoor cycling sessions currently run at the Trek Store (October to March) and Dig Deep Fitness (March to Oct). Each athlete needs to bring their own bike or borrow one from the Trek Store. Power based stationary trainers are used at both locations”.

What is the price of the indoor cycling classes?

“Classes can be purchased as a package or per class depending upon your choice. Prices are subject to change and are updated on the indoor cycling page of our website”.

What is the cancellation policy for indoor cycling?

“You can cancel 24 hours prior to the session by logging into your account and cancelling the class so that someone else can use the spot instead. If you do not cancel in time you will be billed for the class”.

Running Club

When does the running club starts?

“Running club runs from May – Sept, details are usually posted in April. There is no better way to run intervals than in a supportive and instructor led group!!”.

Personal Coaching

What does the personal coaching offer?

“Our coaches offer a detailed, personalized plan for the athletes to follow on a monthly rate”.

What is your cancellation policy?

“If athletes decide to discontinue any of the TA programs (especially personal/triathlon coaching), they should discuss this directly with their coach and the reason why they want to discontinue. Athletes’ feedback will help us to improve Team Atomica’s services and upcoming programs.”

Camps & Other Programs

What other programs are offered?“]

“Apart from the master’s swim, indoor cycling, running and personal coaching Team Atomica also offers open water swim, group bike and other open air sessions and camps. For more details check our website frequently or contact Team Atomica admin ”.