Holiday Gift Ideas for the Triathletes in Your Life


Photo by from Pexels


There is no shortage of gadgets and techie triathlon trends on the market, but coming up with gifts that stand to make a big difference in how triathletes train in a pandemic requires some careful consideration.


  1. With less access to the treadmills we may once have taken for granted at our local gym, having micro-spike traction can mean the difference between getting in a run or not on icy snow days. There are many, but I’m a fan of the Katoola spikes.


  1. Get on top of recovery, sleep hygiene, and training with HRV with the Whoop or the Oura Ring—two powerful optimal performance data trackers worth knowing about.


  1. Staying motivated through a long winter on the trainer can be hard, but riding virtually with your training partners and coaches can keep you on track for nailing your fastest bike split ever in 2021! A 10-pack of rides at TTrain is bound to bring smiles!


  1. A Vibrating Foam Roller is no joke. It adds some active pressure to the passive need to roll oneself over tender spots with a regular foam roller. This can mean getting into those tight calves or not! Here is one of the many out there.


  1. If money is no object, you can go big with a Vasa Trainer –an amazing dryland swim erg. I can’t tell you how many times in 2020 I wished I had access to one.