Racing Refresher

Congrats to all the Team Atomica athletes who competed in our socially distanced training day at Rouge Valley on Sunday August 9 and to those who took part in the C3 Old School Triathlon on August 2nd! If you didn’t race but are registered to take part in our next Team Atomica training day on September 13 (or the upcoming C3 Old School Half on September 19), here are a few things to remember about racing.

Tamara Jewett sizing up her elastic laces.
  1. Put in your elastic laces. With no racing during the last few months, it’s likely you either took these out of your running shoes or haven’t yet put them in! Doing so will definitely speed up your transition, but even if your transition is not a normal race one, elastic laces can help you “feel” race ready.
  2. Have a fuel plan. Make sure you discuss your nutrition and hydration strategy with your coach before race day so can tend to those needs on autopilot while racing. Pull out whatever fuel storage options work for you. Whether it is a handheld water bottle for the run or a gel flask for the bike, double-check that whatever you use in good shape. Without food and water stations on the course, it’s crucial you are entirely self-sufficient.
  3. Pack that extra tube, tire levers, and C02 cartridge with adapter. This is particularly important if you’re doing a longer event such as a half. Particularly with minimal event support, you need to carry all the equipment you might need to avoid a very fixable flat taking you out of the race.
  4. Don’t forget your mirrored or dark goggles to avoid the sun in your eyes on the swim. With such small waves of athletes rolling out during the socially distanced events, it’s hard to say where the sun will be when your wave goes. Have options.
  5. Wear it well! Rock your race kit. Think fast, feel fast, and you’re bound to be fast! Also, don’t forget the sunscreen. Consider applying waterproof sunscreen before the swim or apply it during your transition. Bring a hat/ visor or sunglasses for the run as it will be midday when you hit that final leg. (It is unlikely that you’ll need your race belt, but check with the event organizer to be sure and pull it out just in case).

    Claudia Bolognesi rocking the Team Atomica training day in Rouge Valley on August 9th!