Triathlon Hacks

The Team Atomica coaches have seen it all. Here are their Top 5 Triathlon Hacks to save money or time…or to protect your skin in case of emergency!

1 – Pack a BIG permanent black marker in your race bag:

Use it to body mark yourself and skip the line! Shhh. No one will be the wiser.

2 – Use a $1 waistband elastic instead of a $20 Race Belt:

An elastic weighs less and is actually more comfortable!

Simply tie the elastic in a knot and pin your race number to it. You get it on by stepping into it. Put it on under your wetsuit and tuck it into your suit (if possible) or step into it before hopping on the bike

3 – Sport Gel replacements:

There are LOTS of things you can try as a substitute for sports gels. It is best to try out your chosen hack before race day.

When doing a trial run, check for

· flavour

· how it sits in the gut

· if it squeezes properly

· It’s thickness in hot vs cold conditions

If you are desperate, any of the hacks below are better than nothing!

All the liquid versions below can be put into anything that squeezes easily, like a gel flask or similar.

Honey and water

Liquefied dates

Children’s squeeze fruit packs

Whole dates

Orange or apple slices, cut up and put in a zippable baggie.

4 – Cooking spray, body glide or vaseline on everything!:

And by everything, we mean everything except your goggles.

It is a fact that things rub and chafe during a triathlon. That is why there are a lot of fancy lube-type products out there. There is friction of material on the skin, like at the back of your neck where your wetsuit touches. Keep in mind small amount of debris or even the salt from sweat can cause major chafing near armpits and under heart rate monitors (think a grain of sand in an oyster….).We suggest lubing up everything that could possibly chafe: underarms, back of the neck, groin, backs of running shoes (if going sock-less), around the tops of arm protectors, on nipples, and around zippers. Cooking spray can also be put around ankles and forearms to help wetsuit removal.

5 – Keep your goggles fog-free with your own spit:

You have probably spent countless hours in the pool. It can be a huge disappointment if your goggles fog up and you can’t swim straight. Your goggles are more likely to fog if the water is cold – you can help protect against fog by spitting into your goggles and then spreading it around with your finger. The key is NOT to rinse it out. You don’t want water in your goggles (water condenses!). Yes, you will have spit-ee goggles. But jokes on your competition because you will be able to see where you are going.

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