10 Tips For Your First Sprint Triathlon


Training for a triathlon is both mentally and physically challenging. However, no

matter how rigorously you train and how careful you are with your preparation,

there are still little things that can sneak up and surprise you during the


These 10 important tips will help you while you’re prepping and during your first

sprint triathlon.

  1. Join a Club – Join a Triathlon Club as they’re always very accommodating and you’ll learn so much just being around experienced people.
  1. Go basic – the first sprint triathlon is a time to experience the race and the event. Don’t try to manage a lot of gadgets and high-tech things; you can add those later once you are comfortable with the race itself. If you’re already a tech user, look back on previous recordings. Maybe a new goal is in site for the season.
  1. Love your equipment – from shoes to bike to wetsuit, ensure you are using equipment that is comfortable and in proper working order. All equipment

should be safety checked especially if you are bringing it out of storage or

using it outside for the first time. Make sure you have everything you need at

least 1 week before your race so it gives you time to replace or maintain

equipment that is not in working order. Equipment must fit you and your

style, and you have practiced with successfully in the past. This is not the

time to try out new gear, including your bathing suit.

  1. Avoid comparisons – you love your equipment, right? So, do not start

comparing yourself to other competitors. If you see better bikes, custom

wetsuits or seemingly superior equipment, you are planting seeds of doubt in

your mind, affecting your ability to compete.

  1. Stay Calm – during each component of the triathlon, stay calm. If you feel

yourself getting excited or anxious and pushing it too hard, breathe deeply

and slow down without stopping, then move back up to speed in a controlled,

relaxed manner.

  1. Focus on the now – it can be easy in the race to start worrying about

something yet to come. By focusing in on what is going on right now, you are

less likely to make a mistake or a misstep. Prepare yourself ahead

of race day in order to successfully live and compete in the moment.

  1. Focus on the bike to run transition – the hardest transition for most

athletes is the bike to run. Spend extra time in practice for this transition

before the race.

and adjust the depth of your arm stroke if needed. Running even a few yards

  1. Don’t try to run in the water – always swim as far into shore as possible

through water is physically exhausting and also unnecessary.

  1. Make transitions easy – consider elastic laces for your shoes. Most shoes

do not come ‘with’ elastic laces. Elastic laces are a separate purchase,

usually. For those runners who wear socks, roll the socks down and place

them in your shoes, making it easy to just put them on the toes

and roll

them up for a faster transition.

  1. Ask for support – it can be long, lonely course, so consider asking friends and family to position themselves strategically along the race. A friendly face and a yell of encouragement is a great motivator.

Keep these tips in mind as you drive yourself forward into a journey you’ll never

forget – and of course, don’t forget to smile.