Masters Swim & Swim Clinic

What is the minimum swimming requirement to join the club?

“As a minimum, you should be able to swim 400m continuously in under 12 minutes.We do accept beginners and ‘slow’ swimmers, however, this is not a learn to swim program or aqua phobia program”.

What is the minimum age for joining the group, are teenagers allowed to join?

“There is no minimum age to join. The club has had  teenagers as team members since the club started in 2009. There are a few athletes that are under 20 and our coaches love to work with respectful teenagers who want to join the club programs.

We have recently started a youth program for 9-14 year olds who want to do swim workouts without committing to 5-11X per week in regular swim club programs.  This program is perfect for youth looking for fitness and friendship or looking to develop skills for triathlon and high school swim competitions”.

How do I register for Masters swim?

“In order to register and secure a spot in the session, athletes must send a $ 100.00 non-refundable deposit; once the deposit is received your spot is reserved”.

What is the maximum number of swimmers per program per location?

“Usually 20 – 25 athletes are registered in a swim program per location. Attendance varies between 11-20 athletes depending on the workout”.

How long are the swim workouts and what is the distance covered?

“Depending on the time, day and location, workouts are up to 1.5 hours long.  The distance covered is 2000m-4300m depending on your ability, time of year and length of practice”.

Would the price be pro – rated if I start later in the session?

“Yes, price is pro- rated based on when you start the swim program”.

Can registered swimmers make up for any missed workouts?

“Swimmers signed up for the whole season can make up for a missed workout at any of the other locations. You do not need to check with the coach or Team Atomica admin”.

How many participants are there in the Swim clinic?

“Video Analysis Swim Clinic consists of maximum 10 participants”.

Can I participate as a drop-in in a swim program?

“Swimmers can participate as drop ins, however, it is important that you contact the coach or Team Atomica admin to check for availability”.

What does the Swim Clinic offer?

“6 weeks in – depth video analysis swim and correction clinic offers new technical skills, videotaping of your swimming and feedback. This clinic not only allows you to learn and practice, but you also get real time visual and verbal corrections”.

Are basic swimming gear /equipment provided at the swim programs?

“Most of the pools provide swimming equipment like pull buoys and kickboards. However, coaches usually advise all swimmers at the beginning of the program via email if swim gear/equipment is required.

You can bring any other accessories like fins, paddles, bands, snorkels or other tools you want to use during the Masters swim programs.

For video clinics no swim gear/equipment (pull buoy, snorkel, fins etc.) is required”.

What is Open Water Cancellation Policy?

In the event of Open Water cancellation (due to weather or by the Club) swimmers have the option to make up for the missed Open Water session at the Riverdale Outdoor pool ONLY.
Team Atomica Swim Club does not offer a pool make-up class if a swimmer decides not to attend the Open Water session in a week that it proceeds as normal on a Wednesday.Those signed up for Open Water only will need to pay the pool drop in rate $30 tax included if they decide to make up for a missed open water session at Riverdale Outdoor.

Do I need to fill out any application or other documents before signing for the club programs?

“It is mandatory for all participants who sign up for the club programs to fill out a waiver form. The waiver form can be downloaded HERE. Please ensure that the waiver form is signed and initialed by hand and sent via email to Team Atomica admin prior to the beginning of the program. Participants are not allowed in the program until the waiver form is received. If you have any issues downloading the form, please contact Team Atomica admin.

All swim members are also advised to fill out the membership form which can be downloaded HERE. Please complete the membership form and send it via email to Team Atomica Admin prior to the beginning of the program”.

What are the payment method options available for signing up for a program?

“Payment for all programs can be made via etranfer, credit card, cheque or cash. For details please contact Team Atomica admin via email”.

What is the refund policy for the swim programs and clinics?

“Team Atomica refunds in the following three situations below for their Masters Swim Programs.

Major accident or surgery – In the case of a major accident, surgery or upper body injury that keeps you out of the pool for more than 2 weeks. Team Atomica will refund 1/2 of the missed sessions (athletes are kept on the distribution list and their spot is reserved).

Pregnancy – In the case of pregnancy, Team Atomica will refund all of the sessions once the athlete stops swimming before the birth (athletes are removed from the distribution list and your spot may be given away).

Move – If athletes skip town because they move, Team Atomica will refund them a prorated amount (athletes are removed from the distribution list and their spot may be given away).

If athletes just ‘get busy’ or go on vacation, Team Atomica will not be giving refunds because we are holding your spot for you during this time.

Swim Clinic – In case of a swim clinic cancellation the deposit for the swim clinic maybe refunded or can be applied as a credit to your account which can be used for the registration of the next program of your choice”.

Indoor Cycling

What are the requirements to join the indoor cycling sessions?

“There are no particular requirements to register for the indoor cycling. Please contact Team Atomica admin and they will set up your account”.

How do I register for an indoor cycling class?

“Once your account is set up online you can register/cancel/pay for the cycling class by clicking HERE. You can set up and update your account details and make the payment online through the secure online registration system”.

Do I need to bring my bike with me for the indoor cycling sessions?

“Our indoor cycling sessions currently run at the Trek Store (October to March) and Dig Deep Fitness (March to Oct). Each athlete needs to bring their own bike or borrow one from the Trek Store. Power based stationary trainers are used at both locations”.

What is the price of the indoor cycling classes?

“Classes can be purchased as a package or per class depending upon your choice. Prices are subject to change and are updated on the indoor cycling page of our website”.

What is the cancellation policy for indoor cycling?

“You can cancel 24 hours prior to the session by logging into your account and cancelling the class so that someone else can use the spot instead. If you do not cancel in time you will be billed for the class”.

Running Club

When does the running club starts?

“Running club runs from May – Sept, details are usually posted in April. There is no better way to run intervals than in a supportive and instructor led group!!”.

Personal Coaching

What does the personal coaching offer?

“Our coaches offer a detailed, personalized plan for the athletes to follow on a monthly rate”.

What is your cancellation policy?

“If athletes decide to discontinue any of the TA programs (especially personal/triathlon coaching), they should discuss this directly with their coach and the reason why they want to discontinue. Athletes’ feedback will help us to improve Team Atomica’s services and upcoming programs.”

Camps & Other Programs

What other programs are offered?“]

“Apart from the master’s swim, indoor cycling, running and personal coaching Team Atomica also offers open water swim, group bike and other open air sessions and camps. For more details check our website frequently or contact Team Atomica admin ”.